The George Costanza School of Decision Making

In the Seinfeld episode, "Do the Opposite", George tells Jerry that every decision he's made in life has been wrong, and that his life is the exact opposite of what it should be.

Jerry tells George that if every instinct he's had is wrong, then the opposite must be right.

George then goes on to do the complete opposite of what he would normally do.

He orders the opposite of what he normally would for lunch, and introduces himself to a gorgeous woman (eating the same lunch) and says, "My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents."

She's impressed ad agrees to date him. On his date he does the opposite: He yells at noisy movie theater-goers, stops shaving, and declines to go up to her apartment.


Because his date went so well he gets an interview with the New York Yankees, does the opposite of what he would normally do, and criticizes the owner George Steinbrenner about his management track record, which wins him the job of Assistant to the Traveling secretary.

He also moves out of his parents house while telling them that he loves them - again, opposite behavior.

Being a Contrarian

The Dean of Personal Development Earl Nightingale said it best:“Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live”

In society, for some reason, we believe that we can live our lives like everyone else and still do extraordinary things or be incredibly interesting people. If you're doing what everyone else does, you're going to get what everyone else has got.

You have to go against the grain if you want to achieve something great. You may have to give up nights and weekends, vacations, and extravagant spending. You may have to give up spending time with people who don't share your vision.