Hi, I'm Morgan. Let's get your audience and prospects engaged with your brand using some awesome marketing writing.

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Need subscribers, customers, or to get your brand noticed?

My goal is to get your audience engaged and to take a desired action.

Need to increase sales, opt-ins, or engagement?

That's what I'm here for.

I help entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses grow by helping them increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

I'm a 28-year old guy living in Chicago, IL who loves marketing and writing.

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I write marketing content that's entertaining, easy to read (and scan), engaging and shareable. I don't just consider myself a freelancer. When I work with you I'm invested in your business.


Blog posts - Blogging is a great way to market your content to the masses. I'll make sure your brand distributes awesome content that brings visibility to your business.

Copywriting - I'll use proven copywriting techniques to get customers to pull out their credit cards and buy your product or service.

Ghostwriting - Do you want to lend your voice to your audience but don't have the time to write? I'll create copy that connects you and your business to your audience.

Lead magnets and products - Need help getting subscribers with awesome lead magnets or delivering a great product to your customers? My writing will help you.


I use all of my skills, knowledge and resources to work directly with you and create incredible content that builds your business

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