How to Make People Do Anything You Want (For Fun and Profit)

Did you know that there's a secret formula to persuading anyone to do almost anything you want?

There's a scene in "The Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy and her gang finally reach the wizard.

There's a ton of fireworks, flashes of light, and a thundering voice.

Dorothy, the scarecrow, the cowardly lion, and the tin man can seen trembling before this almighty being.

Dorothy's dog Toto then scurries off to the side and pulls back on a curtain. Behind the curtain is a man who's operating a massive contraption that's controlling the almighty Oz. When the guy realizes that the jig is up he gets startled and pulls back the curtain to shield himself again.


"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" he says. Dorothy walks over and pulls back the curtain again. Everyone walks over and begins scolding the man for this elaborate scheme that he's created. The man is frightened, apologizes to group, and looks vulnerable as he's confronted.

When he was protected by the curtain he was pulling strings, levers, and puffing up his chest as the almighty Oz. When he was caught being a fraud he shriveled up like a turtle going back into his shell.

The Dark Arts of Persuasion

I've always been fascinated with what makes some people successful online and others epic failures. If you've been around internet marketing for awhile I'm sure you're familiar with Frank Kern.

He's known for having some of the biggest launches in internet marketing history:

  • The Annihilation method - $1.4M in 4 hours
  • Stompernet - $18M in 24 hours
  • The Serializer Seminars - $1M in 54 minutes.

Not only is he great at launching products but people just love being around the guy.

He's got a personality that's just infectious. If you haven't heard him speak just check him out on YouTube. He has a very laid back, cool vibe that makes him seem like someone that would just be cool to hang with. What makes him so popular?

It's much easier to be likeable in person but on the internet it's a lot tougher.

My Experiment to Uncover the Secret

I did a little experiment to figure this out. I decided that I was going to sign up to a bunch of marketer email lists and analyze the emails to find out what expert email marketers did differently to be so persuasive.

I had only two rules:

1) They must be someone that I've never heard of and

2) They couldn't be A-List marketers. They had to be people who were beginners to intermediates.

I created a new email address so my main email wouldn't be spammed out the butt.

Then I signed up for every list I could find via Facebook ads, Google search, you name it.

And I didn't just sign up for IM lists. I even signed up for lists I'm not into like natural healing, mommy blogs, NLP, and even that law of attraction garbage.

Then I waited for my inbox to get flooded and I analyzed every email. subject lines, leads, stories, bullets, offers, call to actions, just about everything.

The Secret I Uncoverd

The number one thing I noticed through everything was an utter lack of authenticity and realness. It felt like all of these people were talking at me, not to me. These people weren't communicating with me at all.

It felt like they straight up copy and pasted emails from swipe files. One size fits all. Everything was only about them too. How I couldn't miss out on their "Free Gifts", their life changing webinars, retreats, and high ticket coaching packages.

They were just shoveling crap into my inbox with no regard to what I wanted. Email is an intimate marketing channel. It's supposed to be personal. It's supposed to build a 1:1 connection.

Only spammers spray and pray. Your subscriber's inbox is sacred ground and should be treated as such. This doesn't mean that you can't mail them a lot, just don't come with weak BS when you do.

You need to be real and authentic. In Frank Kern's famous Core Influence talk he reveals how to build an audience and sell to them (how to be successful online) by being real and authentic.

Jedi Mind Tricks: Persuading People Without Them Knowing It

In 2 easy steps:

1. Know what it is that you REALLY want and who you REALLY are

2. Know what your market REALLY wants and who they REALLY are

Most people live two lives. 1) They have the identity that they walk around in during their daily life (the Shell Identity) and 2) the identity that they really want (the true identity or core identity).

So what is core influence?

The Secret Formula for Making People Do Almost Anything...But in a Cool Way

(paraphrased from Kern's Core Influence talk and multiple sources on the interwebs)

Have you ever met someone you just really liked? You don't know what it is that you like about them but their personality is just infectious. That's core influence.

Let me explain:‚Äč

Most influence is all surface. I speak to you, you hear me, and your brain uses logic to comply (or not). You respond based on emotion and logic. This is a head 2 head or connection on the surface level.

There is also a core level to communication. At the core level, my subconscious speaks to your subconscious. The problem is that you can't control your subconscious. You can only guide it.

When properly guided, your subconscious creates a new core identity for you and this identity speaks to your market on a core level. When you identify the core identity of your market and can communicate with it, you will have way more power and influence than you ever thought was possible.

All of the fake gurus in my inbox were communicating on the surface level. Frank and other successful marketers operate on the core level. This is why their personalities are so magnetic.

Another marketer I've been into for a long time is Ben Settle. He's the same way. He has an attitude that turns a lot of people off but that's how he likes it. It works for him. He's very polarizing. You either love him or you hate him. And he's not faking it.

You can tell when someone is being fake from a mile away. It's just a feeling that you get ya know? That's realness. That's authenticity.

Core influence is really about being honest about what your dreams are and carrying yourself like a genuine person. It's about being real and authentic.

How to Use the Secret

I've had a legit struggle myself with being authentic in the past. There're so many websites and businesses that I've tried to start online and failed. The online venture I've had the most success with was freelance writing. But I was always way more interested in the next hot product or the next shiny new object.

All the other crap that I tried to launch, the stuff buried in the domain name graveyard, didn't pan out because it was all surface level. There was no heart, soul, or realness behind it.

Projects like that only last until you get the next new "big idea" and rush to buy and create a master plan that's full of spinning articles, getting YouTube traffic, etc., etc.

We know how that story goes. My problem was that I got away from my core identity and was operating all on the surface level. I was afraid of what people would think and say about me that I never took action and never put my true self out there. I let fear run the show. The "Wizard" of Oz wasn't being authentic and neither was I.

That ends now.

This blog is all about being honest, upfront, and authentic with who I am and what I'm passionate about. I'm not an expert and I don't claim to be. If you want to come along for the journey and learn how to write persuasive emails click button below to join my mailing list.